What Biden Said About Latinos Yesterday Is Actually A SLUR


Yesterday Joementia used the term ‘Latinx’ when referring to Latinos and why they won’t get vaccinated.

Here’s what he said:


There are a couple of problems with this. Tucker explains the first problem, which is that the term ‘Latinx’ is essentially a slur:

He’s exactly right about it being a gendered language. If you’ve ever taken any Spanish, you would know this. Therefore Biden getting rid of the gender and replacing it with an ‘x’ is hugely problematic.

The second problem with what Joementia said yesterday was that he carelessly lumped all Latinos into the single category of ‘illegals’, suggesting that if they show up to get the vaccine, they’re afraid they’ll get deported. But why would the millions and millions of Latinos, who came here the right way, be worried about being deported?

What Biden said here is worse than a slur in my opinion. It’s essentially racist, assuming all Latinos are illegals. But I say keep it up Joementia. More and more Latinos are coming to the Republican Party and stuff like this will undoubtedly push more of them in the right direction. Pun intended.