New Presidential Candidate Legally Changes Name to ‘Literally Anybody Else’

NEW Presidential Candidate - DRASTIC Move Stuns Nation!


A resident from Texas is presenting an alternative choice to voters who are discontent with the current political landscape. For those who seek an alternative to another term under President Joe Biden or the return of Donald Trump, a candidate formerly recognized as Dustin Ebey is advocating for the option to vote for Essentially Anyone Else.

Presently, polling data indicates a tight competition between the Democratic and Republican contenders for the presidency. Former President Donald Trump is slightly leading in the majority of polls, with independent candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr. garnering a significant portion of the remaining votes. Nevertheless, it’s evident that a portion of voters are not enthusiastic about either of the primary party nominees.


Dustin Ebey, a North Richland Hills-based educator in Texas, is set on exploring this option. Having officially registered his candidacy with the Federal Election Commission and gone through the process of legally altering his name, he aims to position himself on the ballot below Donald Trump and Joe Biden, advocating for ‘Literally Anybody Else’.

Ebey’s objective is clear: his unconventional campaign isn’t centered on personal gain, and winning is not his priority. Expressing a sense of urgency, he emphasized his dismay at the prospect of a repetition of the 2020 election, highlighting the belief that, out of a population of 300 million, a more suitable presidential candidate can be found.

Should Ebey, a former US Army serviceman who currently possesses a driver’s license under his revised name, manage to secure the inclusion of the “Literally Anybody Else” option on the ballot, it could potentially attract a noteworthy number of individuals. However, election regulations present a significant obstacle. 

In order for his name to be listed on the Texas ballot, he must gather a petition signed by 113,151 Texans who abstained from voting in either party’s primary. This task will undoubtedly pose challenges, but he is now urging individuals to inscribe his name on the write-in ballot instead.