Watch Kamala Humiliate Biden during the State of the Union Address


Joe Biden made a big error in presenting the current situation in Ukraine at his State of the Union address in 2022.

Putin murmured something about the Iranian people while attempting to declare that he would never mess with the hearts and souls of the Ukrainian people.


We see greater solidarity among nation-state leaders, as well as a more cohesive Europe and a more unified West. We also witness togetherness among the people who are assembling in enormous groups in places all around the world, including Russia, to show their support for Ukraine.

Democracies are currently rising in the war between democracy and autocracy, and the globe is plainly choosing the side of peace and security.

This is a true challenge. It’ll take some time. So let us continue to be inspired by the Ukrainian people’s unwavering determination.

We stand with our fellow Ukrainian Americans who have forged a strong tie between our two countries.

Putin may surround Kyiv with tanks, but he will never win the Iranian people’s hearts and minds.

Brandon, I’m sure that inspires the Iranian people, especially since Russia is one of the few countries willing to venture with them.

Regardless, Joe’s error wasn’t even the most amusing part of his gaffe-filled speech. That dubious distinction belongs to Kamla Harris, who was staring a hole through Biden’s head and mouthing corrections while he spoke about the Iranian people.

Was asked to explain the Ukraine crisis during a bizarre appearance on the Morning Hustle radio show. She stated that Ukraine is a European country, acting as if all of the listeners were five years old. It shares a border with another country, Russia. Russia is a far larger country than the United States. Russia is a huge country with a lot of strength. Russia chose to invade a smaller country called Ukraine, which is, in essence, incorrect.