Undocumented Workers Capitalizing on Florida’s Ian Recovery


While it’s admirable that undocumented workers are flocking to Florida to assist with the recovery from Hurricane Ian, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is cautioning them against robbing American people of their jobs.

When asked why he wanted to work illegally in Florida, Antonio, 48, said, “We’re not here to steal; we’re here to work. This is helping.”


Florida needs people to assist rebuild, especially with the state’s low unemployment rate and older-than-average geriatric population.

Regarding the undocumented laborers DeSantis is denying Floridians access to in the wake of Hurricane Ian recovery, Nancy Randall told The Washington Post, “We’d like them back. We need all the helpers we can get,”

Despite efforts by the Biden administration to look into DeSantis’ relocation acts, DeSantis has threatened to resume the migrant relocations from Florida after Hurricane Ian cleaning is further along.

In the US, 1.4 million undocumented laborers fill around 10% of the employment in the construction industry.

A mobile gang of undocumented laborers follow storms to take advantage of the need for labor in storm-devastated areas.

One of the migrants who made a “beeline” for Florida was Moises Calix, 55, who hid himself by wearing an American flag.

Storm chasers are dissatisfied with their own unlawful availability because there are so many of them.

Several people arrived by car from Austin, Texas, with offers of $400 to $600 for a few days of employment. They quit and grumbled when they learned that the offer was only $100.

Florida has enough lawyers, according to state representative Bob Rommel, a Republican from Naples, to meet the demands of the reconstruction.