Trump Blasts Wisconsin Over Delayed Clean Up of Voter Roll


Donald Trump was captivated by a long-running dispute over the bloated Wisconsin voter rolls, which had more than 230,000 voters.

Trump wrote in a statement from his Save America PAC on Saturday:


“Wisconsin has just canceled 205,000 voter registrations because they say they could not find the voters. Why did they wait until AFTER the election? Would this mean that we would have won Wisconsin? Congratulations!”

Conservatives sued the Wisconsin Elections Commission in 2020, requesting that voters be removed from the rolls if the recipients did not respond within 30 days. The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed and Democrat Joe Biden won the election by approximately 20,000 votes.

The commission mailed more than 230,000 voters by the Electronic Registration Information Center as possibly having moved.

The Electronic Registration Information Center reported that the commission sent more than 230,000 voters to indicate that they may have moved.

Elections officials deactivated 174,307 voter registrations last week because they did not respond to the mailing and had not voted in four years. They are required by Wisconsin law to identify voters who have not voted in the past four years and deactivate them.

31854 registrations were also removed because they believed they had moved and didn’t respond to the mailing.

The commission voted in summer 2019 not to deactivate them until after the April 2021 election to give them several chances to affirm they had not moved. That stance prompted a lawsuit from a conservative law firm, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, demanding the commission remove those voters within 30 days if they did not respond to the mailing. The state Supreme Court ultimately ruled the commission wasn’t required to remove voters within that window.

This week, the Wisconsin Assembly’s elections chairman issued subpoenas to demand extensive election materials. She called it a “top–to-bottom” investigation into the state’s 2020 presidential election results.

Republicans heavily criticize Milwaukee and Brown County’s electoral procedures.

They also questioned why Milwaukee officials didn’t release results until after Election Day. They also accuse Eric Genrich, Green Bay Mayor, of ceding election authority to Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein (Facebook-funded consultant), and question why Genrich gave him keys to the central ballot counting location.