Supreme Court Justice Accused of Becoming “Unhinged” in CourtroomCourtroom CHAOS – Unhinged Judge BLASTED!Supreme Court Justice Accused of Becoming “Unhinged” in Courtroom

Courtroom CHAOS - Unhinged Judge BLASTED!


Donald Trump is facing a civil fraud case in New York, where a judge found that he and his company misrepresented asset values and financial status to obtain loans and reduce tax bills. The judge is now evaluating the extent of the damages. Trump’s recent testimony caused quite a stir both in and outside the courtroom.

Trump appeared in a New York courtroom on November 6 for testimony. Throughout the session, the judge frequently rebuked the former president for veering off-topic, engaging in political commentary, and other actions. The evident hostility between Trump, the prosecutors, and the judge was noticeable right from the start of his statement.


Trump became visibly agitated when a prosecutor questioned whether he relinquished control of a trust due to political reasons. He retaliated by labeling the prosecutors and Democrats as antagonistic individuals. At one instance, Engoron cautioned the defense that Trump was veering off-topic and providing excessively lengthy responses. Christopher Kise, Trump’s attorney, urged the judge to allow the former president to express himself freely.

Engoron became heated with the defense attorney, emphasizing that he was there to listen to the presidential candidate respond to questions, not engage in extended dialogue. The judge instructed Kise to manage his client’s responses, warning that if necessary, he would take control himself, even suggesting he might remove Trump from the witness stand and draw negative inferences. Engoron also reminded Kise to rein in his client, asserting that the courtroom wasn’t a venue for political campaigning.

Trump’s additional attorney, Alina Habba, attempted to advocate for her client, expressing to the judge that he should listen to what Trump had to convey. However, the judge reiterated his stance, emphasizing that his sole intent was to hear direct responses to the posed questions.

Beyond the courtroom, Habba strongly criticized the judge, asserting that she wouldn’t tolerate being berated by a judge and emphasizing that every American has the right to present a defense. She went on to characterize the judge as emotionally unstable. In response, the former president claimed that the proceedings were unjust.