Sen. Fetterman Declares War on Fellow Democrat

Fetterman Declares WAR Against Fellow DEMOCRAT!


On November 2, Senator John Fetterman, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, put forth a resolution to impose sanctions on Senator Bob Menendez, a fellow Democrat from New Jersey, following Menendez’s indictment on bribery charges. Fetterman justified his legal action, stating that it was necessary due to Menendez’s perceived threat to the national security of the United States.

As per various accounts, Fetterman’s resolution suggests that if implemented, the sanctions would result in Senator Menendez losing his access to classified information and being removed from his committee assignments. The resolution specifically focuses on U.S. lawmakers facing indictments related to allegations of acting as foreign agents, jeopardizing national security, or mishandling classified items.


On September 12, the Democratic senator from New Jersey faced bribery charges, accusing him and his wife of receiving substantial sums from Egyptian officials to advocate for Egyptian interests. It is claimed that Menendez accepted these payments in the form of cash and gold.

The Pennsylvania senator underscored that the Senate holds the responsibility to prevent senators representing foreign powers from accessing crucial national information. Fetterman stressed the importance of the Senate implementing substantial measures to protect both the institution and national security, particularly when an indicted senator fails to demonstrate the fundamental decency to resign.

In recent weeks, the senator from Pennsylvania has emerged as the most vocal opponent of Menendez in the Senate. Fetterman was the initial Democratic senator to urge Menendez to resign following the indictment, consistently advocating for this stance on various platforms, including social media and television interviews.

Menendez has consistently refuted any wrongdoing in the case. The New Jersey Democrat continued to serve on the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate, participating in classified briefings, but he recently relinquished his role as the chair of the committee.

On November 1, Menendez informed the press that he requires his security credentials as a U.S. senator, asserting that mere accusations do not constitute proof of any wrongdoing.