Dems Turn on Tlaib, Slam Her for Antisemitic Chant

They TURNED On Tlaib - She Went Too Far!


As per a report from Fox News, multiple Democratic figures are criticizing Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib for her attempt to defend the antisemitic chant “From the river to the sea.” The chant has been interpreted by several journalists and experts as indirectly advocating for the eradication and destruction of the Jewish state.

On November 3, via a Twitter update, Tlaib conveyed that the chant was merely an expression of a hopeful appeal for freedom, peaceful cohabitation, and human rights. She emphasized that the chant isn’t linked to hostility or animosity, asserting that her efforts and support have consistently revolved around the fairness and respect for all individuals.


A Democratic figure, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, was among those who condemned Tlaib’s remarks, urging an immediate retraction of the contentious Twitter statement. Nessel expressed admiration for the Michigan Democratic representative in the past but found her recent comment to be unkind and distressing.

Elissa Slotkin, the sole Jewish member within the state’s congressional delegation, stated on her Twitter profile that Tlaib’s chant is detrimental, portraying themes of aggression and discord. Slotkin emphasized that an elected official within a democracy should refrain from endorsing language that causes division and exacerbates tense circumstances.

In a distinct social media update, Slotkin highlighted the risky and careless nature of Tlaib’s actions, especially considering the significant Muslim and Jewish populations in the state she represents. Slotkin stressed the need for Tlaib to demonstrate greater “empathy” and suggested that if she were to ever publish similarly offensive content, an immediate retraction and apology to her constituents would be crucial.

Stop Antisemitism, a liberal organization, asserted on its Twitter platform that Tlaib’s actions constituted a severe offense against Jewish communities in the United States. The group further claimed that the Michigan representative’s statements mirrored those of the Palestinian terrorist organization, Hamas.

Nevada Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen strongly criticized Tlaib on Twitter, denouncing both the publication and defense of the chant by the Michigan representative. Furthermore, on Tuesday, 22 Democratic House members united with their Republican counterparts in a 234-188 vote to formally reprimand Tlaib for her contentious remarks.