Popular Rap Radio Host Makes Liberal Heads Explode


Nothing will make liberal minds explode like hot buttered popcorn like a celebrity from the entertainment industry praising the decisions made by a staunch conservative Republican. This explains why you can hear the “pop! pop! pop! “at the moment of liberal brain cells across America. Because rap radio DJ Charlamagne tha God has exposed liberal hypocrisy on the subject of immigration in relation to Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis and his bold move to ship illegal migrants up to Martha’s Vineyard.

Charlamagne tha God lavished praise on DeSantis for taking action that highlighted the hypocrisy of extreme leftists on the immigration issue while speaking on his Comedy Central program, “Hell of a Week.”


For months, Republican governors have sent busloads of illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities like New York, D.C., and Chicago, with the message of, ‘If you like them so much, they’re yours, OK?’” Charlamagne kicked things off. “Well, just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis upped the game by sending two platefuls of immigrants to the East Coast, elites’ favorite vacation island, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts,” he said, fully aware that his remark would go viral on the Internet and probably cause a swarm of enraged blue-haired hippy rejects from the modern liberal movement to scramble to hate tweet him.

We all understand why liberals are demanding early notice of the buses traveling to their communities. DeSantis and others would only whine and gripe more if they did give notice, in truth.

The members of Charlamagne’s panel, Angela Rye, Malcolm Gladwell, and Roy Wood Jr., genuinely brought up important issues.

For instance, Wood drew attention to the fact that sanctuary cities, which are predominantly governed by Democrats, are the same cities that relocate their homeless residents to neighboring counties.

Rye, on the other hand, questioned why the United States consistently spends billions of dollars to aid Eastern Europe in its conflict with Russia while the border problem and the migrant crisis rage domestically.