Oct 7 Survivors Sue American NonProfit For ‘Aiding and Abetting’ Hamas

Lawsuit FILED - Nonprofit Aiding Hamas!?


Since last October’s attack by Hamas on Israel, it has come to light that certain personnel within the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) USA, which has long supported Palestinian refugees, are actively involved in terrorist activities. Survivors of the October 7 tragedy, along with some victims’ families, are now taking legal action against the nonprofit for allegedly funding Hamas’s violent campaign.

Established in 1949, the UNRWA was created to provide assistance to Palestinian refugees who were displaced during the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1948 when Israel was established. Today, after more than 75 years, the number of Palestinian refugees has increased significantly, with many having never set foot in the land they hope to reclaim. Despite the passage of time, UNRWA continues its operations, including running schools, distributing food aid, and advocating for the rights of Palestinians.


But Israel has charged some UNRWA employees with aiding Hamas and even actively participating in the atrocities after the October 7 slaughter. Twelve of the organization’s local staff have been suspended, but UNRWA has lost funding until it straightens things up, according to the US, UK, and other significant contributors.

Ten individuals who either survived the October 7 bombing or had family members who perished are now suing UNRWA USA, a nonprofit organization that fundsraises and advocates on behalf of the UN agency. The group claims that the 501(c)(3) organization is closely connected to Hamas in its lawsuit, which was filed in the US District Court for Delaware.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Mark Goldfeder claims that UNRWA USA continued funding UNRWA in Gaza until March 1, which was more than a month after Israel provided proof of UNRWA employees’ involvement in the slaughter. In defiance of federal law, he said, the charity was running a terrorist financing operation. Giving material assistance to a terrorist organization is against the law for US citizens.