Ex-Special Counsel Reveals Why Biden Kept Classified Files

Ex-Special Counsel BOMBSHELL - Here's WHY Biden Kept Classified Docs!


During a public hearing conducted on Tuesday, March 12, ex-Special Counsel Robert Hur disclosed significant revelations concerning President Biden’s handling of classified materials during his tenure as vice president. Chairing the inquiry, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan probed Hur on Biden’s intentional retention and disclosure of classified information.

Jordan promptly emphasized Biden’s long-standing political career, which encompasses five decades, highlighting his roles as vice president and chair of the Foreign Relations Committee. In response to Hur’s report, Jordan underscored Biden’s thorough understanding of the procedures for protecting classified documents.


Hur’s report highlighted Biden’s familiarity with the protocols for safeguarding classified information. When questioned by Jordan about why Biden ignored these regulations, Hur hesitated to offer a clear explanation, admitting that his report did not specifically delve into Biden’s motives.

Nevertheless, Jordan continued to press the issue, referencing particular excerpts from Hur’s report that suggested Biden’s reasons. As per Hur’s investigation, Biden’s significant motivation to neglect correct protocols originated from his choice to write a memoir, for which he secured a substantial $8 million advance. Jordan stressed that Biden’s intention was evident and that is to gain financially.

The congressman highlighted Biden’s collaboration with a ghostwriter while holding office, emphasizing his keenness to capitalize on his experiences as vice president. Hur affirmed that Biden received $8 million for his book and regarded his notebooks as crucial documents to enhance his legacy. However, Jordan contended that it wasn’t solely about financial gain. He proposed that Biden’s ego also played a substantial part, evident in his aspiration to solidify his position as a global leader. Hur concurred, recognizing the evidence supporting these assertions.

Hur’s report underscored the significant dangers posed by Biden’s sharing of classified information with his ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer. During his testimony before the committee, Hur disclosed that Zwonitzer had audio recordings of his discussions with Biden, during which classified information was exchanged. However, upon being informed of the investigation, Zwonitzer deleted these recordings, leading Jordan to accuse him of trying to eliminate evidence.