Judge Drops 6 of the 41 Charges Against Trump in Georgia

6 Charges DROPPED - Partial VICTORY!


On March 13th, a judge in Atlanta dismissed six charges against former President Donald Trump in the Georgia election interference case. Scott McAfee, a Fulton Superior Court judge, determined that these six charges out of the 41 filed against Trump and his co-defendants lacked sufficient specifics regarding the alleged crimes. Consequently, 35 charges remain against Trump and his co-defendants.

Several individuals, including Judge McAfee and Anthony Michael Kreis, a law professor at Georgia State University, have observed that the charges could be rectified simply by providing additional details. This creates an opportunity for Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney, who has garnered attention herself, to amend the indictment and potentially refile the charges.


Three charges dismissed were specifically directed at Trump, leaving him facing ten charges independently. These dismissed allegations focused on claims that he encouraged Georgia officials, such as Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, to “find” the votes necessary for his electoral success.

In his statement, McAfee highlighted that the prosecutors’ insufficient detail deprived the defendants of the necessary information to adequately prepare their defenses. He emphasized that despite the dismissal of some charges, it does not equate to the entire indictment being dismissed. Former US attorney and CNN Legal Analyst Michael Moore suggested this development could potentially delay the case from going to trial in 2024.

This obstacle for the prosecution adds yet another layer of drama to the case, which has been making headlines for weeks. Willis has been accused by the defense of having an inappropriate relationship with Nathan Wade, whom she appointed as a prosecutor in the case. Trump’s attorneys contend that Willis should be disqualified from the case due to her alleged financial gains from hiring Wade. While Willis and Wade have acknowledged their relationship, they assert that it commenced after Wade’s appointment. On March 14, Judge Scott McAfee ruled that Willis can continue her involvement in the case, but Wade must be removed.