NFL Player Has Bizarre Meltdown When Asked About His Fake Vaccine Card


Antonio Brown’s reaction to a simple query regarding his bogus immunization card on Sunday was odd.

After using a fraudulent immunization card to get past the NFL’s COVID-19 rules, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver was suspended for several games. After beating the Panthers, he didn’t exactly wander around to boast about it.


When Jenna Laine openly questioned him about the incident that happened, he refused to talk about his bogus immunization card and indicated that he just wanted to talk to the press about the game. You can see his juvenile reaction in the video below.

What is the matter with this guy? What the earth is going on with Antonio Brown, and why does he have such a juvenile demeanor?

You can’t get banned for numerous games for pretending to be vaccinated and then expect no one to notice.

That’s not how things operate in real life. It is the press’ role to bring your feet to the fire if you do dumb things and are caught.

His juvenile conduct and inability to answer simple questions are just unacceptable.

I recommend that you choose another area of business if you can’t tolerate interacting with the media.