Man Falls To Death During Rescue Operation In Doomed Rescue In India


At Trikut hills in Jharkhand’s Deoghar, three people were killed and numerous more were injured when cable cars on a ropeway crashed.

An unfortunate occurrence occurred during the rescue operation at Trikut hills near Baba Baidyanath Temple in Jharkhand’s Deoghar district, when a man fell from the helicopter while being rescued.


The man can be seen clinging on to the rope swinging from the Indian Air Force chopper in a video of the event. The man, however, tripped and tumbled down just as he was going to be brought in.

The man is claimed to be from Burdwan, West Bengal.

A video of a man falling off an Indian Air Force (IAF) chopper has surfaced amid continuing rescue attempts in the Deoghar area of Jharkhand, where 15 people remain trapped after several cable cars in a ropeway crashed.

The man can be seen gripping the rope swinging from the chopper in the footage. He slips and falls to his death just as he is about to be hauled in.

Three people were killed and numerous others were injured when two cable cars on a ropeway crashed in Deoghar’s Trikut hills. According to the IAF, two Mi-17 helicopters are participating in the rescue efforts.

According to news agency PTI, 25 people had been rescued as of 6.25 p.m., while 23 people remain stuck mid-air in a row of cable cars.