Liberals rage over VP Harris SCOTUS tweet


Following a tweet from Friday night about defending abortion rights, vice president Kamala Harris came under a rare bipartisan assault.

Harris shared a picture of herself watching CNN’s coverage of pro-choice demonstrations while traveling on Air Force 2 on her official vice president Twitter account.


Several pro-choice demonstrations and rioting occurred in major cities after the Supreme Court reversed the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

While a number of other Democratic legislators criticized the court’s ruling, liberal Twitter users criticized Harris’ statement for being overly ambiguous and useless.

“Not VP Kamala Harris watching the erosion of #RoeVsWade from her plane, at a distance. Whoever thought this was good photo-op needs to be fired immediately. This is literally the embodiment of thoughts and prayers,” writer Anna Gifty tweeted.

“Change his mind on this changing the filibuster to protect abortion rights and I’ll believe you,” tweeted Ernest Owens, editor-at-large of Philadelphia magazine.

As California’s attorney general in 2021, Harris was working on a lawsuit against pro-life journalist David Daleiden, according to court filings.

More recently, in May, Harris had a virtual meeting at the White House with abortion providers to address the possible repercussions of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.