Leftists are Preparing to Riot if Rittenhouse is Acquitted


It is becoming increasingly clear that Kyle Rittenhouse’s prosecution case against him is weakening and he will likely be acquitted. Leftists who have denigrated Mr. Rittenhouse since the events at Kenosha as a vigilante/murderer are growing increasingly furious. Many are even planning to riot if Rittenhouse is acquitted.

If George Floyd is acquitted, some call for looting and rioting. Others call for Mr. Rittenhouse’s death. Many call for violence of all kinds. These are just a few examples of violence calls:


The police seem to see these calls for violence as more than idle chatter. Tim Pool, Tim Pool’s podcast host, reported that riot police are preparing for more BLM riots.

Tim Pool’s report was supported by an article in The Chicago Sun-Times. It reports that Chicago’s police have been put on standby for massive riots.

The Chicago Police Department has canceled regularly scheduled days off starting Friday and through the weekend in apparent anticipation of civil unrest in the event that Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted.

[…]“All RDO personnel will be attired in the prescribed regulation field uniform of the day, including helmet, baton and yellow safety vest,” said the memo, dispatched by a sergeant on behalf of First Deputy Police Supt. Eric Carter.

John Nolte contributed to the report, writing about Breitbart’s sad irony and saying that:

Because Chicago is run by Democrats, because the corporate media have been shamelessly lying about the truth of what’s been revealed in the Rittenhouse trial, Chicago police know that if Rittenhouse is acquitted (as he should be), the left-wing terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter, these dangerous babies who can’t deal with things not going their way, are almost certain to take to the streets to loot and burn in the name of social justice or something.

To which I can only say lol.

First off, while I certainly don’t wish riots on any neighborhood, it’s hard not to laugh at the irony of this. Leftists rioting in leftist cities where everyone’s voted Democrat for decades; where left-wing policies are enacted with no opposition…. So where’s the utopia everyone was promised?

The Informed Youth reports that the problem for the Left, the problem that causes such outrage and vicious calls to violence is that the prosecution doesn’t have a strong case against Mr. Rittenhouse. He only fired upon his attackers because he had to defend himself from an angry Antifa mob.

The prosecution against Rittenhouse is falling apart, mainly because there was no place for this trial to begin with. Prosecutors have had a hard time pinning any blame on Rittenhouse because the evidence has revealed that this incident is one of the most open-and-shut cases regarding self-defense in history. During the trial, it has been revealed that rioter Gaige Grosskreutz pulled a handgun on Rittenhouse. The rioter conceded that he was not shot until he had done so. Another rioter who was shot and killed was also revealed to have been lunging for Rittenhouse’s gun. This evidence hammered yet another nail into the prosecution’s grave.

This is not the first time that leftists have threatened rioting if a trial results in something other than they would like. For example, BLM agitators were threatened with rioting if Chauvin was acquitted in the case against Dereck Chauvin. Some Americans prefer to threaten the justice system with violence rather than have blind justice done.