Leftist MELTDOWN – Trump Twitter Reinstated!


Elon Musk conducted a poll on whether to reactivate President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. More people voted to reinstate him than not, and it received more than 15 million votes. Musk quickly reactivated Trump’s account as a result.

Now, as Musk had previously stated, I believe he had meant to be reinstated anyhow, but the results of the poll made it clear that this was the popular choice. Additionally, it significantly increased their level of interaction with the website.


But you already know that people on the left are going crazy over this. Some people have departed, while others lack the bravery of their convictions and remain on the scene, exploding.

Rasmussen Reports provided an insightful analysis of what it’s looking like right now

You know that there is currently an abundance of lovely liberal tears coming from all the usual sources. All of a sudden, they all despise “democracy” and voting if that helps Trump win again.

The following contains graphic language:

Suddenly it’s cool to question votes again and scream “Russia, Russia, Russia!”

Trump has previously stated that he is occupied with Truth Social, so it is uncertain when he will return. However, it was the proper choice because he should never have been suspended in the first place.