Large Ballistic Missiles Slam Into US Base in Iraq


Multiple ballistic missiles smashed into a US outpost in Erbil, Iraq, and spectacular footage of the attack has surfaced online. The scale of the attack and the size of the weapons used look to be significantly greater than previous militia strikes.

According to current accounts, the guided weapons were Fateh-110 ballistic missiles that originated in Iran. Given the size of the explosions, this appears to be a strong possibility.


The weapons system in question is extremely improbable to have been utilized with such precision by an Iranian-backed militia force. We could be talking about a direct Iranian strike on US forces if these weren’t shot from Syria, and the reports say they originated from Western Iran. It’s most likely not a coincidence that this occurs just one day after the US and EU terminated discussions on a new JCPOA with Iran.

While much remains unknown, there is video of missiles being fired from an Iranian base in Tabriz, which is located in the Azerbaijan area of the country, prior to the US base being struck.

If these are from Iran, and they came from an actual Iranian military installation, it’s awful news for US foreign policy and peace prospects. Given Iran’s alliance with Russia, we could be witnessing the beginnings of a significant escalation, not just in the Middle East, but also in Ukraine.

The Biden administration’s continued appeasement of Iran in pursuit of a meaningless nuclear deal is reprehensible.