Jill Biden Partners Up With Christina Aguilera With Pro-Abortion Stance

Biden Partners With a STAR - World Watched in Horror...


In February, ex-President Donald Trump expressed support for implementing a nationwide 16-week abortion prohibition. His remarks spurred certain left-leaning individuals to reaffirm their pro-choice position. Notably, First Lady Jill Biden and liberal singer Christina Aguilera have recently joined forces to advocate for the contentious procedure.

The pair of progressive women feature in a brief video initially posted on YouTube by Xtina Daily, which has subsequently circulated on various social media channels. The clip begins with a caption lamenting the US Supreme Court’s decision on June 24, 2022, effectively overturning Roe v. Wade, eliciting widespread dismay.


Biden and Aguilera alternately present statistics aimed at provoking anti-abortion advocates. A further caption highlights that more than a third of women in their reproductive years reside in regions with enforced abortion bans. Another cautions that the implementation of nationwide restrictions by policymakers could lead to the erosion of essential rights for women nationwide.

The video seems to subtly criticize Trump, echoing sentiments shared by other Democrats who believe they can leverage the former president’s previous statements and behaviors against him. However, while their message may find support among individuals aligned with the far left, it could also provide ammunition for those advocating for a second term for the 45th president.

Abortion is a contentious issue that deeply resonates with both the religious Right and extreme factions on the Left, making discussions of additional restrictions proposed by Trump and other Republicans appealing to conservative constituents. Moreover, a 16-week timeframe strikes a moderate balance that could attract many independents who find themselves between the two ideological camps.

According to CDC data, approximately 93.5% of abortions take place within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, indicating that a ban at 16 weeks would have minimal impact. However, despite this statistic, liberals such as Biden and Aguilera persist in expressing their opposition to the concept.