New Law Sees Trudeau’s Government Accused of Going Full ‘Orwellian’

Horrifying New Law Leaves Communities On Edge


Global politicians have denounced social media platforms for permitting the dissemination of hateful speech, misinformation, and disturbing videos depicting violent acts online. A proposed legislation in Canada is poised to escalate this criticism to unprecedented heights, earning comparisons to George Orwell’s dystopian themes.

Canada introduced the Online Harms Act (Bill C-63) in February, aiming to address online hate and mandate social media platforms to eliminate harmful content. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal administration asserted that the law would safeguard children from online predators.


The proposed legislation mandates that social media firms eliminate any content promoting genocide, sexually exploits minors, or involves intimate communication with minors without their consent. Additionally, the bill empowers judges to impose life imprisonment for individuals convicted of inciting genocide. It also grants judges the authority to impose house arrest and fines on individuals if there are reasonable suspicions of potential offenses.

Margaret Atwood, renowned for her work “The Handmaid’s Tale,” posted on X (previously known as Twitter), expressing concerns about the bill’s provisions. She remarked that if the reported contents of the bill are accurate, it opens the door to potential abuse, including revengeful false accusations and Orwellian thought policing. Atwood labeled it as the prime minister’s “Orwellian” legislation.

Atwood’s comment alluded to George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984,” where the government, referred to as “Big Brother,” surveils its citizens extensively. In this totalitarian regime, the government exerts complete control over individuals’ lives and endeavors to suppress dissenting political ideologies. The concept of “Thoughtcrimes” is introduced, which prohibits rebellious thinking.

Arif Virani, Canada’s Minister of Justice, replied to the author, assuring her that the legislation aims to protect children by extending existing laws to the online sphere and confronting the surge in hate speech. He extended an invitation for further dialogue to delve into the details of the law, and provided her with a link to a comprehensive analysis of the bill.