Iran Accuses America of Weakening Their Country


After Tehran accused Washington of using the unrest to try to destabilize the country, Iran was subjected to fresh international condemnation on Monday following the death of a lady who was held captive and who sparked widespread demonstrations.

Iran has responded to the biggest protests that began around 2019 and were sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, on September 16 after she was imprisoned for following the Islamic Republic’s strict rules on what women are permitted to wear. There has been widespread disapproval of the case.


However, the steps have not stopped Iranians from calling for the overthrow of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the rest of the ruling elite. According to Canadian State leader Justin Trudeau, Canada would impose sanctions on individuals responsible for the death of Amini, including Iran’s morality police unit and its authorities.

The extremist Twitter account 1500 tasvir shared videos of street brawls that occurred late on Monday in several parts of Tehran as well as footage of residents yelling “Death to Khamenei” from their houses. The clashes have been significantly impacted by women from all around the nation who removed, waved, or burned their veils.

Human rights organizations like Hengaw published a video showing protesters clapping as women removed their headscarves to oppose the imposed hijab in Sanandaj, the capital of the Kurdistan region. In a subsequent video, there was a lot of gunfire, and the roadways seemed to be filled with what appeared to be tear gas.

Another video circulated on social media, though, and it is believed to depict the use of lethal force by authorities late on Monday during rallies in Sardasht, a town with a sizable Kurdish population. They utterly disregard the reality of what is happening in their region and instead blame the US for creating the issues it is currently facing, despite everything that is taking place and Iran reverting to its old ways. Iran claimed that the US was seeking to destabilize the Islamic Republic by backing the riots and protestors.