Illegal Immigrant Crammed Inside Truck Busted At Border


Texas border guards arrested a guy who allegedly sneaked 76 migrants into the US in the back of a vehicle, according to authorities. The 76 migrants are squeezed onto a single truck.

The driver, a Honduran national who had entered the country illegally, was apprehended by the Texas Department of Public Safety in Dimmit County, Texas, on Thursday.


Hundreds of guys were jammed hip to hip in the rear of the suspect’s rig under a blue tarp that served as a temporary roof, according to film.

According to the department, the anonymous driver was also in possession of meth and had a criminal background that included narcotics and firearms offenses.

The illegal migrants were turned over to Border Patrol custody after he was detained for human smuggling.

The bust comes as Border Patrol agents prepare for a probable spike in illegal immigrants at the US’s southern border, thanks to the Biden administration’s decision to eliminate the government’s Title 42 policy, which was used to promptly deport people due to COVID-19 people’s concerns.

“We anticipate being damaged,” stated a Border Patrol agent.

The Biden administration said on Friday that Title 42 will be phased out on May 23 to allow the Department of Homeland Security time to prepare for an influx of migrants at the border.