Famous Singer Collapses On Stage, Is Reportedly Dead

He COLLAPSED On Stage - Pronounced Dead!


Rapper Milton Powell, known by his stage name “Big Pokey,” tragically died in Beaumont, Texas on Saturday after collapsing at a bar while speaking into a microphone on a balcony. Local officials, who chose to remain anonymous, confirmed Powell’s passing, and various news outlets mentioned that he had recently participated in a Juneteenth event before his untimely demise.

Powell was among the artists who performed at the Juneteenth Celebration held in Bicentennial Park on Saturday. Alongside Curtis Poullard and Brandi Holmes, he entertained the audience during the event. Powell had been an integral part of the vibrant hip-hop culture in Houston for a long time.


Contrary to initial reports of his death on stage, a video capturing the moment when Powell, also known as Big Pokey, fainted on a staircase above a pub has gone viral. In the footage, he can be heard taking a deep breath before falling backward while holding a microphone.

Fellow Houston rapper Bun B took to Instagram to share the news of Powell’s passing. In his message, Bun B expressed his shock and unpreparedness for the sad news. He described Big Pokey as one of the most talented artists in the city, known for his quiet and unassuming demeanor, yet carrying himself with dignity. Big Pokey was well-liked by the majority and had a few detractors as well.

Bun B, referring to Big Pokey, mentioned that the late musician had a strong work ethic and would pause to handle his responsibilities before driving home. He described him as the essential support system for the city.

Sylvester Turner, the mayor of Houston, expressed his condolences for the loss of the talented musician.

While several young individuals have recently experienced cardiac arrest and collapsed, there is no evidence linking Powell’s death to the Covid-19 vaccines. Fact-checkers emphasize that there is no definitive proof of any connection.

Although there are concerns about myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart, associated with Covid vaccinations, the overall benefits of receiving the shot are generally considered greater according to the pharmaceutical companies.

Powell’s debut album, titled “The Hardest Pit in the Litter,” was recorded in 1999, followed by his second album, “Da Game 2000.” Both albums achieved impressive sales, surpassing 80,000 copies sold.