West Point Sparks Outrage With Recent Decision

Decision Sparks OUTRAGE - Unpatriotic!


The United States Military Academy at West Point boasts a rich history spanning over two centuries, having shaped numerous influential military figures. Recently, the institution has faced allegations of embracing woke culture. Established in 1898, the motto “Duty, Honor, Country” has long been instilled in cadets. Periodically, the academy revises its mission statement, with the inclusion of the motto enduring since 1998, marking almost three decades of continuity.

Lt. Gen. Steven Gilland, the Superintendent of West Point, revealed on March 11 the updated mission statement, which emphasizes the goal of cultivating and preparing the Corps of Cadets for lifelong dedication to the Army and the nation. He affirmed that “Duty, Honor, Country” retains its fundamental significance and will forever serve as the academy’s motto. Furthermore, the academy highlighted that incoming cadets will be firmly rooted in Army values.


Gilland elucidated that “Duty, Honor, Country” transcends mere rhetoric; it serves as a defining ethos for both the graduates and the institution itself, uniting them across the academy’s storied history. The adjustment to the mission statement incited considerable backlash, with critics accusing West Point of embracing woke ideology. A social media user contended that the revised mission statement risked distancing ordinary citizens from the armed forces.

Representative Clay Higgins from Louisiana, a member of the Republican Party, alleged that President Joe Biden was responsible for removing the words from the mission statement. However, it’s important to note that the president does not have any involvement in the formulation of the academy’s mission statements.

Additional users on social media mixed up the timeless motto, which has existed for over two centuries, with the frequently revised mission statement.

Terence Kelley, a spokesperson for West Point, refuted the allegations by highlighting that the academy has modified its mission statement nine times within the last century. He emphasized that the core “Army values” encompass personal courage, duty, selfless service, honor, loyalty, and integrity.