Dem Witness Sparks Fury After Claiming Abortion Is An Act Of Self-love


Twitter users criticized an abortion that a witness at a House Oversight Committee hearing made in a now-viral video, saying it was a self-loving act.

The pro-abortion group We Testify’s Sarah Lopez, an abortion storyteller, gave testimony on the Roe v. Wade decision. She asserted that her own abortion was among the finest decisions she’s ever made while championing the American right to an abortion.


Lopez also served as the youth program manager for Jane’s Due Process, a linking service for abortion providers that shut down entirely in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling.

Many Twitter users harshly criticized Lopez’s remarks, with some even going so far as to label them insane.

“A rapist serves himself at the expense of another, too. Does that make a rape a good decision?” wrote Seth Dillon, CEO of Babylon Bee.

Sara Gonzales of Blaze TV tweeted, “Satan is laughing,”

Dania Alexandrino, presenter of Americano Media, said, “These people are pure evil.”

Henry Rodgers, a senior congressional journalist for the Daily Caller, tweeted, “Demented,”

Allie Beth Stuckey, a podcaster, wrote: “’My abortion was an act of self-love.’ She’s correct. She loved herself, her convenience, and her comfort so much that she was willing to kill her child for them. That’s why the Bible says godless people in the end days will be lovers of self.”

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo, chastised witness Khiara Bridges, a Berkeley law professor, for referring to people with the capacity for pregnancy rather than women at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on abortion access in a video that was published on Tuesday. Several liberal Twitter users and media sites held the tape up as an example of liberal education, despite the fact that conservatives criticized it as a display of lefty nonsense.