Dem Mayor Orders Crew To Dig Up Body of Confederate General


Digging up the dead body of someone who has been laid to rest is exceedingly disrespectful, aside from forensic investigators trying to solve a cold case. It doesn’t matter who is buried.

Democratic Mayor LeVar Stoney of Richmond, Virginia, instructed a grounds crew to exhume Confederate General AP Hill’s decaying remains.


General AP Hill’s statue was removed a day prior to Stoney’s action, and because his monument served as a tombstone, his body was removed the following day.

Distant relatives tried to prohibit the removal of Hill’s remains, but the Richmond Circuit Court judge decided in favor of doing so.

In the past, Mayor LeVar Stoney has drawn criticism from Richmond residents for openly endorsing the BLM movement and even going so far as to publicly assert that BLM rioters who trashed various parts of Richmond were really white supremacists.

A number of protesters heckled General Hill’s descendant, John Hill, who was present at the unburial.

Hill was specifically threatened by one person who said, “I’ll beat you like your daddy should have.”

The Gateway Pundit had previously reported on Mayor Stoney’s plan to remove the statue back in 2021, but it took more than a year for the statue and the remains to be uncovered due to legal issues.