Crowd Goes Dead Silent After Kamala Tells Another Cringeworthy Joke In Weird Voice

VP Harris Joke Doesn't Go Over Well - Crowd Goes Quiet!


The extreme-left Vice President Kamala Harris went on a weird rant about how much she adores electric school buses on Thursday while speaking about “climate change” at the University of Michigan.

“I’m excited about electric school buses. I LOVE electric school buses. I just love them! For so many reasons. Maybe because I went to school on a school bus. Hey, raise your hand if you went to school on a school bus!”


There was not a single laugh from the audience.

One spectator commented, “You sound like you’re trying to convince a bunch of children who doesn’t like school buses to like school buses.”

However, Kamala Harris also like venn diagrams in addition to school buses.

A person replied to her Venn Diagram remarks by saying, “Not surprised. Venn diagrams are at picture book level, so perfect for someone too dense to really learn statistics.” 

And for her final cringe-worthy remarks that day, Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States of America said, “It is the Caribbean nations, island nations in the Western hemisphere. That is where the Caribbean is. We are also in the Western Hemisphere.”

In which one person posted on Twitter, “Again, brought to you by the Department of Redundancies Department.”