Chicago Mayor Makes TikTok Videos as Crime Spirals Out of Control


Weekends in Chicago aren’t recognized for the celebrations that take place there. In contrast, gun accidents and death tolls tarnish them. For instance, over the Columbus Day holiday weekend, 18 people were shot; at least two of them died. This is an improvement from the previous weekend, when 34 people were shot, five of them died. Not only gun violence, either. Robberies, sexual assaults, and auto theft are all on the upswing.

The impact of the violence goes beyond only the neighborhood. Major corporations are leaving for greener economic pastures, such as Tyson Foods, which just announced a transfer to Arkansas. Additionally planning to move: Caterpillar, Boeing, and Citadel. Although it wasn’t said, Chris Kempczinski, the CEO of McDonald’s, hinted at it in a recent address when he talked about how difficult it is for the city’s difficulties to attract talent.


In light of this, Mayor Lori Lightfoot made the decision to publicize a karaoke contest in the area.

A Twitter user said, “Shocking Video of @LoriLightfoot Lip Singing and Dancing,while Chicago Businesses are being Looted, and Citizens are Being Beaten, Robbed and Murdered in the streets due to Democrat Policies. This Hardly seems an Occasion of Celebration.”

She had previously started singing and dancing on TikTok, too.

Another user echoed that sentiment by saying, “This is what Lori Lightfoot is doing while Chicago citizens are being murdered on a daily basis. Can you imagine if Ron DeSantis posted a dancing video while the people of FL were suffering? Yet, the left will support people like Lori Lightfoot over officials doing their job.”