Biden Backs New Rule to Crush Freelancers


Tuesday, President Joe Biden supported a new regulation to stifle independent contractors and strengthen labor unions.

The Department of Labor’s rule would compel businesses to count contractors as employees. Marty Walsh, the secretary of labor, made an effort to portray the rule as advantageous to contractors while ignoring the widespread opposition to the possible change.


The majority of freelancers, who value flexibility and make more money by working on multiple projects, are against the move. Additionally, it makes it impossible for people to work as independent contractors in addition to their regular jobs and it kills entrepreneurship. The new legislation would simply make it unaffordable for firms to engage independent contractors or freelancers, which will have a negative impact on everyone’s ability to earn money.

Republican labor leaders on Capitol Hill have already reacted negatively and promised to resist the rule’s adoption.

Independent contracting is a common kind of employment, but the Biden administration would rather burden employees and businesses that create jobs with regulations than promote flexibility. Independent contracting offers Americans flexibility and independence, and denying them such rights is a slap in the face, Workforce Protections Subcommittee Republican Leader Fred Keller and Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx issued a joint statement.

“The Biden administration’s proposed rule on independent contractors needlessly attempts to redefine many independent contractors as employees, which many workers do not want, and limits employers’ flexibility to respond to changing economic circumstances. We should put workers and job creators on the path to success instead of setting up roadblocks. These damaging regulations are not what workers need.”