Border Agents Slam Migrant Policies During Visit From Ortiz And Mayorkas


According to a leaked video , angry border patrol agents screamed at Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, during what was supposed to be a morale-boosting meeting with the officials in Laredo (Texas).



“For evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” one agent argued during the Friday meeting, the Washington Examiner reported. “Good men are doing nothing. You’re allowing illegal aliens to be dropped off in communities.”

Agents were furious at reports that illegal immigrants with criminal records were secretly being released across the US despite a federal law requiring their immediate deportation.

Ortiz admitted that the “morale” of the border agency is at an all-time low.

“I get it, you come to work, you’re frustrated,” Ortiz stated. “You’re upset because you didn’t get the desired outcome that you want. That doesn’t mean you give up.”

The restive agents said, “You keep releasing criminal aliens in the country.”

“You’re getting bogged down in the policies and the politics,” Ortiz shot back at the agents.

Border agents have seen at least 165,000 illegal immigrants per month since March last year. This is more than three times the number of people encountered by border agents in 2020, the Trump administration’s last year. Customs and Border Protection statistics show this to be more than three times the amount.