BLM Leader In Denver Accused Of Sexually Abusing Children


Denver School Board Director, who was indicted for sexually assaulting more than sixty-two illegal immigrants students back in April, announced Wednesday that he will resume his full duties despite the ongoing investigation.

Anderson had announced in June that he would temporarily resign from all board functions while the investigation progressed. Anderson announced this week that the investigation had “dragged far beyond the timeline agreed to” and that “no credible evidence was emerging.”


Anderson wrote an open letter to Denver Public Schools stating that he had always “categorically denied” the allegations and that he would cooperate with the investigation. Anderson claimed that he was informed that the investigation would be complete in 30 days when he temporarily resigned. The investigation was then extended an additional 30 days.

It seems unusual to take sixty-two sexual assault claims for investigation in 60 days.

Anderson says that Anderson is tired of waiting. Anderson also complained that the private investigation has “drifted in vastly new areas”. In other words, investigators are now looking into Anderson’s history before he was employed by the Denver Public Schools and elected to the DPS Board.

Anderson, who is 22 years old, stated that he would “remain dedicated to engaging in transparent and fair processes”, but would not wait for the process to end before returning to work.

Anderson denied the allegations again in a letter to the district. He claimed that no credible evidence had been found from the ongoing investigation. Anderson has not been charged or arrested regarding the “false allegations against me”.

This could be because the investigation of the private law firm is still ongoing.

Anderson portrays himself as a victim in his letter. Anderson claims that he contemplated suicide after being investigated over these allegations. He wrote that he did not feel guilty but because he could no longer bear the burden of the community’s belief that he was a sexual predator.

Anderson states that he hopes to ensure suicide prevention tools are available to students within the district. Anderson also stated that there is still too much work to do for him to “be gone any longer.”

It remains to be determined if Anderson’s work is too vital for parents to let him “be away any more” while he is still being investigated for sexual assault.