Biden Lashes Out At Republican Governors For Refusing Lockdowns


Biden took aim at Republican leaders by pointing out that they have signed directives that prevent people from doing the right things. Biden believes that mandates are the solution to the rise in coronavirus infection due to the highly infectious delta strain.

Biden says he implores these leaders to assist. If they are not willing to help, at the very least stay out of the way of those who are attempting to do the right thing, the president implored.


Ron DeSantis Strikes Back

Gov. Ron DeSantis, Florida, responded. During a press conference, he told the president to do his job. Why not defend the U.S.-Mexico frontier? I don’t think you will be able to stop me from asking you questions about COVID until you do.

These would be the first salvos in a rhetorical fight between the two legislators that lasted the whole week.

DeSantis’s back-and-forth with Biden has clearly had an electoral benefit. It only enhances his image among GOP base supporters, who will vote in next year’s Republican presidential primary election.

Thinking forwards to 2024 is smart politics for Gov. DeSantis; that’s according to Jim Merrill, a prominent GOP strategist based in New Hampshire who has worked on multiple Republican presidential elections.

Republican DeSantis was elected as Florida’s governor in 2018. He received the support of President Trump. His notoriety has risen among Republicans across Florida and the country partly due to his opposition to COVID restrictions that were implemented during the pandemic. Talk about possible national aspirations has increased.

His campaign staff started selling products targeting Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House health adviser, who is a hero to many but disliked by many Republicans.

DeSantis signed a bill that forbids public schools in Florida from asking children or school staff to wear masks following the latest COVID epidemic. DeSantis was furious.

New research from Florida shows that while liberals and independents are able to accept mask requirements in public schools in the days ahead of their implementation, a large number of conservatives loathe them.

Biden Responded by Insulting DeSantis

After Biden replied to the initial wave of DeSantis criticism by asking, “Governor who?,” Florida’s governor responded the very next day. DeSantis said he is the governor who defends families and their authority to make the best educational decisions for their children.

DeSantis reminded the audience that he is the governor of Florida who protects employment, education, and businesses by refusing to let the government lock people up.

Before facing a potentially difficult reelection campaign next season, DeSantis will need to address the state’s dramatic increase in COVID cases. However, such comments will only enhance the governor’s influence in the eyes of many conservative primary voters.

DeSantis graduated from Harvard Law School with a degree and served as a JAG specialist in the Navy. He is currently ranked second in the poll for possible 2024 Republican candidates.