Biden Erupts After Reporter Says Democrats Aren’t United


Joe Biden is a terrible person to ask a question to and expect an answer. It’s not hard to believe that Joe Biden has a difficult time writing sentences without a teleprompter staring at him.

Joe was tired of ignoring all the questions throughout the week and finally was asked one last question before the weekend. Joe became angry.


“Why has it been so challenging to unite the party?”, a reporter asked, referring to the disastrous failure of the Democrats $3.5 trillion spending bill this week.

Biden, upon hearing the question, stopped and turned around to give the reporter a death stare.

“Are you serious?!”, Biden shouted. He then mumbled a word salad before saying “50-50! Come on man. 50-50…unite the party!”, whatever that means.

Watch It Here:

Joe is losing patience with Joe every day. He can’t seem to keep his cool. How Much More Can He Take?