Biden Crashes Into Flagpole And Forgets To Shake Hands With Brazilian President

Biden's INEXCUSABLE Mistake in Brazil - What's Next?


President Biden displayed bewilderment once more on Wednesday when he inadvertently collided with a large flag at the United Nations. This incident seemed to irk the President of Brazil as Biden left the stage without extending a handshake.

The U.S.’s most senior president, known for his occasional missteps, unintentionally walked into the towering Brazilian flag as he approached the platform. He momentarily paused to regain his composure as the flag swayed.


Subsequently, he grappled with the functionality of his translation device’s headset, a situation that didn’t go unnoticed by Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. This occurred during their joint address in which they affirmed their commitment to collaborate on labor rights.

“Can you hear me, President Biden? This is a historic moment for Brazil and for the US,” Lula asked initially.

Upon not receiving an immediate response, Lula posed the question once more, “President Biden, can you hear me?”

He shifted his gaze toward the 80-year-old president, who acknowledged with a nod. However, Biden persisted in struggling with the headset throughout Lula’s address. At a certain juncture, Biden inadvertently dropped it and displayed a frustrated expression by raising his eyebrows.

Towards the conclusion, Biden exchanged handshakes with Gilbert Huongbo, the Director-General of the International Labor Organization. However, when Lula extended his hand, Biden veered away, opting to wave to the audience and execute an awkward salute instead. He then departed from the stage.

As he exited, Lula appeared notably annoyed and gestured with a swipe of his arm.

This incident adds to a series of missteps by Biden, fueling growing apprehensions about his age as he seeks re-election in 2024.

Despite Biden’s apparent disregard, the two presidents did reach a consensus on strengthening their ties, emphasizing their dedication to generating higher-paying employment opportunities and guaranteeing that workers reap the rewards of the digital and eco-friendly energy transition.

Biden noted that the collaboration on workers’ rights between the United States and Brazil was initially limited to these two nations, but he extended an invitation for other countries and organizations to participate as well.

Lula also emphasized that in light of the global challenges faced by democracies, it remains crucial to safeguard the rights of laborers and provide support to working families.