Barack Obama Admits What Republicans Have Said All Along


Donald Trump ran in 2016 against the slowest economic growth since modern times. He opposed a decline of manufacturing and trade that took middle-class Americans out of their futures. All problems created by former President Barack Obama. Obama won’t believe it. Ask him, and he will tell you that his economic policies were perfect.

Obama actually claims that the economy was so strong that President Trump had benefited from his economic efforts. Obama, Obama’s former vice-president is now President of the United States. This confirms what Republicans had believed all along. Obama’s legacy will be completed by the Biden presidency.


Obama claimed Trump was just a bump on the road to achieving his plan to “fundamentally Transform America.” But he forgets that it was a painful and deep transformation for many Americans. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2016, 95.1 million Americans were not working in the workforce. This number represents millions of Americans who aren’t eligible for unemployment or don’t actively seek meaningful work.

Although Obama attempted to claim credit for Trump’s economic success, this is not possible. After the former Republican president cut regulations that adversely affected businesses and the economy, the economy soared. The GOP-led Congress reduced taxes in 2017. Employers shared their wealth with businesses by giving generous bonuses and increasing wages that largely affected the middle and lower classes.

Obama did not do any of this. The new Obama/Biden economic model in 2021 has already driven inflation past the glass ceiling. It could get worse.