Audit Shows Maricopa County Pre-Meditated Fraud During 2020 Election


As an Arizona resident, I can confirm that Joe Biden did win the Grand Canyon State. Everyone I have spoken to, including barbers and restaurant workers, is in agreement.

In the months that led up to November 6, 2020, you only saw TRUMP flags, banners and MAGA caps everywhere you went in the state.


You’d get one in favor for biden for every 10 Trump signatures.

A long-awaited audit of election results revealed shocking evidence on Friday

Check this out report, via Right Scoop:

Maricopa County was trying to cheat. The presentation of the audit isn’t over yet, so no spoilers here on whether they succeeded in cheating (lol) but the fact that they were TRYING to cheat is a matter of record now.

Maricopa county was DELETING log entries and they got caught. They were certifying fraudulent results and they got caught. Now listen to the crowd CHEER (at around the 3:30 mark) when Ben Cotton, who is covering the IT results, says they have screenshots of the people who did it.


But wait! There’s more…

If you think stuff like this only happened in Arizona, then you haven’t been paying attention.