Wild Video Shows Marines Brawling With Civilians In Texas

Marines in HOT WATER - Huge Brawl Breaks Out!


In the entertainment district of Austin, Texas, a brawl unfolded on the streets captured on camera, involving Marines exchanging blows with civilians. The chaotic incident was witnessed by numerous onlookers.

The footage, seemingly recorded on Sunday night, depicted a skirmish erupting following a verbal altercation on Sixth Street. The catalyst was a young woman who seemed to snatch a phone from a Marine and throw it away.


A young man in a white hoodie makes a sudden move toward a Marine, but is promptly restrained by others, all adorned in their dress blue uniforms, as shown in the video.

Briefly, a group of Marines engages in verbal exchanges and slight pushing with the young man and a few companions. After a brief moment, the man in the white hoodie seems to initiate the first punch.

Disorder unfolds as at least a couple of altercations break out among the various groups.

In the video footage, a civilian in jeans and a T-shirt throws a couple of punches at a Marine, who retaliates with a punch to the man’s jaw, causing him to stagger backward. Subsequently, another Marine joins the fray, targeting the same civilian who ends up on the ground. Shortly after, officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety and Austin police step in, intervening to separate the fighters.

In the video, an officer is seen placing a civilian under arrest as the individual lies face down. Meanwhile, amidst the chaos, a bystander not involved in the altercation chants “U-S-A” as authorities regain control of the tumultuous scene. Additionally, officers on horseback are seen responding to the situation.

The Department of Public Safety at the state level redirected inquiries to the Austin police, who did not promptly respond to an email seeking additional details. The cause of the chaos and the number of individuals arrested remain unclear.

Known for its bars and nightclubs, Sixth Street has historically attracted tourists to Austin but has also faced challenges related to safety issues and disorderly conduct. In 2021, local reports indicate a shooting incident that resulted in one fatality and 13 injuries.