Wild Video Captures Brawl On Southwest Flight After Passenger Bumps Into Mom

Passengers Get into FIGHT on Plane (VIDEO)


Shocking footage shows a traveler assaulting another passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight, punching him and putting him in a headlock for “aggressively” pushing into his wife.

The fight broke out aboard a trip from Dallas to Phoenix on Monday when the attacker, who was traveling with his wife and children, accused a man with numerous tattoos of being violent.


Although other travelers try to separate them and yell “Do not hit him again,” “Let go of him” and “Stop it now,” but, the attacker loses control and attacks.

He yells,“You a p—-, you a p—-.” 

The woman who witnessed the altercation said that the tattooed passenger started mouthing off, when he unintentionally bumped into the man’s wife.

She claimed to have started filming the father striking the other man “four to five times.”

After things had calmed down a little, the attacker claimed that his victim had “aggressively” approached his family.

“I will sit down in jail for you approaching my family. I will die for my family,” he says. “Don’t play with my family! That’s why I beat your ass!” 

Witnesses claimed that both men were led out from the plane, but the Dallas Police Department denied that any one had been detained.

A Southwest representative wrote in an email on Wednesday,  “We commend our Crew for managing the situation as Safety professionals while also ensuring the comfort of the other passengers in the cabin. We don’t have further details to share, except that the flight arrived on-time and as scheduled.”

Southwest has recently been in other issue.

On a flight from Cuba to Florida on Sunday, smoke filled the cabin as a result of a bird strike, forcing the evacuation of the passengers.

The Boeing 737, which had six crew members and 147 passengers on board, safely  landed back in Havana.

And two days prior, during turbulence on a flight from Maryland to North Carolina, a passenger passed out and others were left vomiting.