Wild Disneyland Brawl Erupts With Kids Strollers Caught In The Middle

Disneyland BRAWL Breaks Out - Fists Start Flying!


A startling video originating from Disneyland depicts a tumultuous altercation involving a group of grown-ups near the Mad Tea Party ride at the renowned theme park in Anaheim, California. The video, which was posted on Instagram, captured the disturbing scene of at least five men and women engaging in physical altercations, involving pushing, punching, kicking, and wrestling, all transpiring in close proximity to several children.

The exact cause of this altercation remains unclear. The brawl came perilously close to toppling a baby stroller as the combatants fiercely exchanged wild blows. In response to the incident, the Anaheim police department collaborated with Disneyland Resort Security to address the situation.


The official mentioned that no individuals were taken into custody, and the incident is currently being looked into. Disneyland has not promptly provided a response to the request for a statement.

In an unprecedented move, Disney, in the previous year, took the initiative of issuing a reminder to its visitors, emphasizing the importance of refraining from engaging in altercations while visiting the renowned “Happiest Place on Earth.” This decision came in response to a noticeable increase in the occurrence of physical confrontations within the park.

During the spring season, a notable incident occurred at Walt Disney World that resulted in the banning of two individuals from the park. The reason for their ban was their aggressive behavior toward another family, who had merely requested that they move aside to allow for a photo opportunity. This unfortunate altercation marred what was supposed to be a joyful and memorable visit to the park for all involved, and as a consequence, these two individuals faced the consequences of their actions by being prohibited from returning to the magical world of Walt Disney.