Weatherman Loses It On-air After Realizing His Tv Is A Touch Screen


A Chicago weatherman who realized that the screen he uses to present the weather is actually a touch screen during a live TV broadcast was unable to contain his enthusiasm and broke down in tears.

Despite the fact that touch screens are commonplace today, ABC 7 Chicago weatherman and meteorologist Greg Dutra was astounded when his palm accidentally touched the screen as he was giving the weather prediction on Thursday morning and caused the map to move.


Dutra turns to his colleagues and shouts, “I can do that? No way!”

He drops his mouth, and morning co-host Val Warner, who was off-camera, replies, “Are you serious? Did you just discover that?”

While grinning ear to ear, Terrell Brown, another co-host, enters the picture and demonstrates to the weatherman that, indeed, you can move the screen by touching it.

Then Dutra discovers he can really zoom in on the map in addition to moving it. He lets out a loud laugh, and Warner and Brown can be heard laughing at him.

Dutra exclaims, “It’s a great day!” in reference to both the Chicago climate and his discovery of a new work gadget.

He attempts to return to his weather report but is unable to do so because of his childlike joy.

“I didn’t know I’ve never touched it before!

Before repositioning the map, he blurts out, “Oh my God, you can tilt it? What is going on here? ”

The video has been seen more than 680,000 times on Twitter in less than a day and is being hailed by people as both funny and family-friendly.

“This wasn’t in the training manual!,” Dultra tweeted.