US To Lift Covid Test Requirement For International Flyers


The Biden administration is working to improve the US economy. The White House said Friday that overseas aviation travelers must test negative for COVID-19 before entering the United States, as mandated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC will assess its necessity based on research and in the context of circulating variations, according to White House associate press secretary Kevin Munoz.


The COVID test requirement will terminate on Sunday at midnight.

After evaluating the latest research and statistics, the CDC ruled that air travelers arriving in the United States are no longer required to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test. If there are concerns about increased coronavirus cases or another COVID-19 variant surge, the CDC will reevaluate its decision in 90 days and may reinstate the testing requirement.

The rules did not apply to land border crossings in the United States.

President Joe Biden’s administration originally announced the necessity for air passenger testing in January 2021, and it was implemented when the president issued an executive order. The travel industry has lately pressed Biden to repeal the rule, claiming that it has hurt the economy by reducing travel and tourism.

Last month, Biden met with numerous tourism sector leaders who expressed similar worries.

The CDC’s judgment in favor of the industry comes as the busy summer travel season approaches. Many European nations have previously abandoned COVID-19 travel regulations.

The news was warmly received in the United States. President and CEO of the Travel Association, Roger Dow, praised the government for removing the restriction.

The COVID-19 epidemic impacted the tourism sector particularly severely, and it has yet to fully recover. Domestic travel had come within 7 percentage points of pre-pandemic levels by mid-May, according to the travel organization, while overseas travel was still 14 percent below usual.

Ending the testing requirement, according to Airlines for America, will help stimulate and restore air travel in the United States, helping towns around the country that rely significantly on tourism and travel to maintain their local economies.