Trump’s Potential VP Pick Leaks, Stuns Everyone

Trump's TOP VP Pick LEAKS - NOBODY Expected Her!


At every level and in every facet of government, Joe Biden has presided over a historic time of unmatched instability and disaster for the United States since taking office in January 2021. Russia attacked Ukraine in early 2022, bringing combat to Europe for the first time since the Second World War, after Biden lifted sanctions that Donald Trump had placed on the country and gave it access to oil in the North Atlantic, something Trump had also forbidden. Tensions in the Middle East have been rising since the United States withdrew from Afghanistan in late 2021. In early October, Hamas invaded Israel, killing over a thousand people.

Things are considerably worse at home. The American working class has been destroyed by inflation. It reached a high in 2022 and levels not seen in decades. Under President Trump, interest rates had dropped to all-time lows. Due to stagnating wages and declining purchasing power of the dollar, over 60% of Americans currently live paycheck to paycheck. Undoubtedly, the American middle class has been in decline for many years, but the past few years have only made the situation worse. Many economists dispute the White House’s frequent assertion that inflation is now under control. The inflation rate rose to 3.7% in September. The Federal Reserve is once again debating on raising interest rates by the end of the year to help mitigate this issue.


America has been undermined by Biden’s divisive style of governance. With his easy win in the Iowa caucus, it seems inevitable that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in the 2024 election. Trump has not named his running partner, or vice president; there is a speculation that Elise Stefanik is a possible candidate.