Trump Target Of Appalling Attack


Chelsea Wolfe, a man currently serving as a reserve member of Team USA’s women BMX Team for this year’s Olympics, is a woman. Chelsea Wolfe also wants to publicly declare his desire for the burning of the American flag.

It has been revealed that Chelsea had been stepping up the ante even before the original story broke. She made comments about “exploding a president’s head with dynamite.”


Wolfe responded to a March 2020 Facebook article that showed Donald’s hesitation in having men compete in women’s sports. He stated that his goal is to win the Olympics and burn a US flag on he podium.

Wolfe said that he cares about America but also stated, “I take a stand for fascism because it affects this country. After so many people have fought to stop fascism taking root abroad, I won’t let it happen to me.” As a citizen who is proud to call my country home, I am certain that it will not take root here.

Team USA has yet to address Chelsea Wolfe’s comments.