Trump Drops Lawsuit to Focus on Other Legal Drama

Trump Lawsuit DROPPED - It's Official!


In accordance with a report by Fox News, former President and past presidential contender Donald Trump is opting to drop the legal action against his former attorney, Michael Cohen. The news outlet pointed out that the Republican figure has chosen to initiate a new lawsuit against Cohen following his belief that he had been unfairly targeted in what he viewed as an unjustified investigation.

The previous head of state initiated a legal case against Cohen in April, seeking $500 million in damages. The lawsuit alleged claims of improper financial gain, breach of the attorney-client bond, and other charges. Nonetheless, the legal representatives of the presidential hopeful submitted a motion in which Trump opted to voluntarily withdraw this lawsuit without prejudice.


According to a spokesperson representing Trump, the leading figure in the GOP has chosen to temporarily suspend his legal action against Cohen due to the substantial commitments he must fulfill. These commitments involve participating in a deposition for a civil case in New Hampshire and addressing the various legal challenges he is currently navigating in multiple states throughout the nation, all while actively managing his presidential campaign.

The spokesperson indicated that the legal action will be formally reinstated against Trump’s former attorney at a future date. They emphasized that Cohen will be held accountable for his unlawful conduct and statements directed at his former client. Furthermore, the spokesperson mentioned that Trump’s legal team intends to ensure that Cohen faces consequences, similar to how the Southern District of New York did in unrelated cases, which would result in him having a criminal record.

In the year 2018, Cohen admitted guilt to federal charges, which encompassed orchestrating payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels in advance of the 2016 presidential election. He publicly asserted that he was instructed by the Republican figure to carry out these actions. Following his confession to tax evasion and making false statements to both Congress and a financial institution, Trump’s former attorney received a three-year prison sentence.

Trump’s choice to dismiss the lawsuit occurred in the wake of several indictments that he faced in recent months. The initial charges were filed in March as part of the investigation into hush-money payments led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. These legal actions coincided with the inquiry conducted by Special Counsel Jack Smith into Trump’s possession of classified information from his presidential tenure at his Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago.