Israel Declares War After Devastating Attack

It's WAR - No Going Back Now!


On the 7th of October, Hamas insurgents initiated an assault on Israel by exploiting vulnerabilities in the Israeli border barrier, gaining entry via the sea and air routes. The assailants targeted a music festival near the Gaza Strip, resulting in the tragic loss of numerous innocent lives.

In response to this unexpected offensive, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took action by proclaiming a state of war.


The unexpected attack on Israel represents the most severe breach of its defenses since 1973. According to accounts, Hamas invested two years in strategizing for this offensive, attempting to persuade Israel that it was uninterested in hostilities. 

Meanwhile, the group’s fighters were preparing for war, while Israel was offering economic inducements to Gaza. These incentives seemed to yield positive results, but the Israeli government’s assessment proved to be incorrect.

Upon their assault, Hamas operatives unleashed their firearms on unsuspecting civilians in various settings, including vehicles, residences, and public thoroughfares. They conducted incursions into neighborhoods, forcibly entered households, carried out homicides, and abducted individuals spanning men, women, children, and the elderly. This onslaught resulted in the tragic loss of over 700 lives during its initial stages.

In response to the assaults, Netanyahu reacted by initiating aerial bombardments in Gaza and swiftly issued a substantial military mobilization order. By October 10, the casualty count in the conflict had exceeded 1,800 individuals. Over 1,000 lost their lives in Israel, while Gaza recorded a minimum of 830 fatalities. Additionally, thousands sustained injuries on both sides of the confrontation.

Israel implemented a cutoff of water and electricity supplies in Gaza, affecting over 2 million residents as part of efforts to dislodge Hamas militants. Furthermore, food shipments are currently prohibited from entering the region. The Israeli government has amassed over 100,000 troops along the border, with plans for a potential ground offensive. 

The United States has dispatched its initial shipment of military assistance to Israel, and President Joe Biden’s administration is urging Congress to allocate further support to this ally. The U.S. government is firmly supporting Israel and its right to defend itself against terrorists, signaling that the ongoing conflict may endure for an extended period.