Sick Elderly Man Forced to Sell Home After Squatter Refuses To Leave


A basic five-bedroom house on the outskirts of Washington, DC, offered for $800,000, has gone under contract. But the vendor isn’t having a good day.

The advertisement, which is located in Fairfax, Virginia, states that only cash bids would be considered and that there will be “No access to see the lower level of the property,” as well as the fact that it will be sold “as is only.”


The advertisement includes an intriguing clause: “There will be acknowledgment that the home will convey with a person(s) living on the lower level with no lease in place.” 

Only one thing comes to mind: a squatter. Naturally, this sparked a frenzy on the internet.

“800k for 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and your own serial killer,” one Instagram user said after the item was shared on the popular Zillow Gone Wild account, which received 34,000 likes.

A lady was cleaning the elderly owner’s house three years ago when she persuaded him that she needed a place to stay. As a result, he gave her the basement, but she never took it. She also does not pay her rent.

“Essentially, it’s a person taking advantage of a senior who is sick and in the hospital.” Rodger-Rickert, the listing agent, added, “He’ll probably end up in hospice.”

According to property records, Thomas Burke has owned the house since 1997, when he paid $319,000 ,about $576,000 now, for it.

Burke, who is now 79, does not have a will, and his family is seeking to sell the house before he dies away, according to Rodger-Rickert. They don’t have the funds to engage a lawyer to help with the eviction of the squatters.

It is unlawful to switch off utilities or deny her access until a valid court order is granted, according to Virginia law.

The identity of the squatter has yet to be revealed. However, it looks like she will be taking her case to court.

The house went under contract on Tuesday, only three days after it was listed, according to Rodger-Rickert, who said that this was to be expected given the high demand market and location.