Russian Crew On Doomed Warship Moskva Send Out SOS Call


The Ukraine claims to have leaked an intercepted SOS from the Moskva missile cruiser last month. This message was sent after the Russian flagship in the Black Sea fleet, the Moskva, caught fire and sank. According to Kyiv, the ship was hit with an anti-ship missile. Moscow blamed an explosion of ammunition. This audio clip shows how a crew member radios HQ to report damage to the warship.

You can hear the Russian sailor reporting that it is tilting to its side.


“It is damaged. I confirmed shell holes beneath the waterline.”

He said, “Captain’s bridge is cut off. There is no connection.” It will tilt to one side if it tilts at 30 degrees.

“No way to get any closer. “We are performing a rescue operation for the crew.”

Russia’s navy continues to launch cruise missiles into Ukraine. Its activities in the Black Sea are vital to support land operations in the south. Russia is fighting to take control of the Azovtal Steelworks, the last remaining Ukrainian enclave within the city of Mariupol.

Russia dismissed claims by Ukraine that it had damaged a modern naval logistics ship in Black Sea. It also showed photos of the vessel, which it claimed was undamaged.

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According to military authorities from the southern Odesa region, on Thursday, Ukrainian naval forces struck the Vsevolod Robertrov setting it ablaze.

The Russian defense ministry posted photos online that it claimed were taken Saturday at the Crimean Black Sea port Sevastopol.

It stated that “it is now evident from the photographs, that the ship has not been damaged at all.”

On Monday, Russia said that it had taken down three Ukrainian fighter planes. One was near Snake Island in Black Sea, the other in the Mykolaiv or Kharkiv regions. Meanwhile, its missiles continued to bombard targets in the east.

Russia’s defense ministry claimed that its forces shot down Su-25 planes near Yevhenivka, in the Mykolaiv area, and Velyka Komyshuvakha, in Kharkiv. A Su-24 near Snake Island was also destroyed. This Su-24 gained worldwide fame when the Russian border guards refused to surrender to a Russian warship.

Three months after Russia sent thousands of troops into Ukraine, Russian and Russian-backed force are still in control of a region of Ukraine roughly the same size as Greece. They also have control over the area bordering Russia’s east.