Rally Breaks Records as Demonstrators March for Israel

Record SHATTERED - This SHOCKED Everyone!


The “March for Israel” that took place on November 14 at the National Mall in Washington, DC, set a new record by attracting almost 300,000 attendees.

The organizers mentioned that the rally drew a crowd three times larger than their initial expectations. They highlighted that the march now holds the distinction of being the largest pro-Israel assembly in the history of the United States.


Various reports indicate that the rally surpassed the size of pro-Israel events held in the country following the second Intifada in 2002. It even exceeded the magnitude of the significant gathering in 1987, aimed at supporting Jewish communities seeking refuge from the Soviet Union.

Political figures from various parties, religious leaders, Israeli artists, and certain Hollywood celebrities were present at the March for Israel. They participated by delivering speeches and expressing their solidarity with the Israeli government in its conflict against Hamas.

CNN analyst with progressive views, Van Jones, was present at the rally and gave a speech, sharing the platform with conservative pastor John Hagee.

The incident was captured on video and gained widespread attention on social media. A significant number of attendees expressed disapproval by booing Jones when he advocated for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cease bombing innocent Palestinians in Gaza.

The crowd expressed enthusiasm as House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, received cheers for opposing a ceasefire and asserting that the United States would continue to be Israel’s primary ally. The event was coordinated by the Major American Jewish Organizations.

According to certain media reports, the overwhelming interest in participating in the march led to a shortage of seats on buses heading to the capital city. Numerous Jewish communities across the country hired a considerable number of buses. Additionally, flights to Washington, DC, from various American cities were fully booked.