Putin Gives Biden His Endorsement

Biden Better for RUSSIA?!? Putin Thinks So!


Given the substantial concerns regarding President Biden’s ability to effectively serve another term, along with his alarming polling numbers, one might assume he would appreciate any show of support. Yet, Biden has recently garnered an endorsement that he likely wishes to have avoided. Vladimir Putin has remarked that Biden’s re-election would be more favorable for Russia.

During an interview with the state broadcaster Rossiya 1 on February 13th, Putin expressed that Biden is perceived as more seasoned, reliable, and represents traditional political values. Additionally, Putin defended Biden against concerns regarding his cognitive decline, stating he had not observed any evidence of mental incompetence, though he acknowledged that their last meeting was several years ago.


The authoritarian leader, highly likely to secure re-election in the upcoming election next month- especially given the recent and convenient demise of his main rival, Alexei Navalny, while in custody- asserted that Biden’s mental acuity paled in comparison to the dangerously damaging and misguided stance of the US government towards Russia.

The White House responded on February 14th, rebuffing Putin’s endorsement and advising him to refrain from involvement in American elections. These remarks from the Russian leader are causing concern within the administration because if Putin sees it advantageous to have Biden or his even less favored deputy, Kamala Harris, in office for the next term, many American voters will question his motives. Putin has exhibited significant aggression throughout Biden’s presidency, targeting his political adversaries and initiating the invasion of Ukraine.

It’s equally plausible that Putin doesn’t genuinely desire Biden’s re-election, and an expert has cautioned that his remarks are probably aimed at undermining the president’s prospects in November. Regardless, the endorsement from the Russian leader is unlikely to bolster Biden’s diminishing prospects for a second term.