Airline Passengers Get a Maggot Shower

Airline Passengers Take a DISGUSTING Shower


Travelers on a well-known airline experienced a shocking event approximately an hour into their journey when maggots suddenly rained down from an overhead compartment. The flight, en route from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan, had to reverse course due to the incident. It was revealed that the maggots originated from decomposing fish that a passenger had stored in their luggage.

The unusual incident occurred aboard Delta Flight DL133 on February 13. As per reports, a passenger observed maggots descending onto her head, prompting the individual seated behind her to discover the small creatures squirming on the seat. Remarkably, the fish from which the maggots originated had been solely wrapped in newspaper.


The airline staff successfully relocated the impacted passengers to alternate seats. Additionally, they allegedly requested the individual accountable for the incident to remain onboard during the plane’s cleaning, although it remains unclear if any further actions were taken against this person, according to sources.

Delta Airlines permits passengers to bring food in either checked or carry-on baggage, provided that it is appropriately packaged, as outlined in the company’s policy. However, it appears that using newspaper as packaging material may not be the most suitable choice for air travel.

Delta Airlines provided a statement to The Independent, expressing regret for the disruption to the flight. The company mentioned that the impacted passengers were transferred to the next accessible flight. Additionally, Delta offered each individual who experienced an overnight delay 8,000 air miles, reimbursement for a hotel room, and a $30 meal voucher. Furthermore, the airline ensured that the aircraft underwent cleaning before resuming service.

The unsettling event is just one among numerous alarming accounts encountered by both passengers and flight crew members in recent months. In January, Delta faced another embarrassing incident when a passenger allegedly dirtied their pants, leaving feces smeared on their seat. Likewise, during the same month, crew members aboard a Thai AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Phuket apprehended a snake crawling across an overhead compartment, causing distress to nearby passengers.